We are a regional professional firm of comprehensive intellectual property services. We operate from our Head Office in Amman, Jordan, and our services cover all the Arab countries through our collaboration with a network of law firm associates. We have set up our firm's administrative structure, in-house information systems and intellectual property resources, which enable us to provide our clients with the whole spectrum of intellectual property services.

Our firm is an active member of the International Trademark Association (INTA), International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property (AIPPI) and the Association for the Protection of Industrial Property in the Arab World (APPIMAF). We always support and participate in all the local and regional activities of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). DHIP is qualified, experienced and capable of providing the whole spectrum of intellectual property services including: trademark, patent, industrial design and copyright registration; advice on licensing and franchising; consultation on specific legislation in any Arab country; certified translation of intellectual property documents.

Furthermore, we will continue to advocate and encourage the introduction of intellectual property legislation and enforcement throughout the Arab countries. We strongly believe that suitable and evolving intellectual property legislation in the Arab countries is the best means of avoiding future commercial conflicts. We strongly believe in the principles of free market competition; simultaneously, we are adamant at preventing unfair competition in our markets.

There is no doubt that countries which adopt and enforce intellectual property legislation will economically benefit in the long run by attracting foreign investment, which will create new jobs for their citizens. Furthermore, multinational corporations will have the confidence to expand their marketing and manufacturing operations to those countries, consequently assisting in the process of the transfer of technology.

No doubt that the dependence of IP assets is increasing, governments, companies and all whom they are in connection are relying on their business towards better utilization of their economic factors affecting the values of these intangible assets.

IP assets are values for many targets like legal support, accounting standards and many other elements for the benefit of the economic achievements.

Trademarks are one of most important issue in this respect, but others like patents, industrial designs, and copy rights are typically known to be valuable assets. The valuation of marks become a priority for managers and key decision makers over the last years.

We at DHIP are working collaboratively with our clients, owners of IP aspects, in creating and managing their brand assets by offering a unique models, ideas, and legal opinions on a free of charge basis by collaborating with our internal and external lawyers all over the Arab world. We are proud of our team of work whom they are doing their best to let our clients to stay first.

DHIP is a young and energetic firm, but we have an accumulated experience of more than 40 years in the field of intellectual property. Our company has all the knowledge and skills under one roof for supporting and protecting your intellectual property titles and rights at every stage.



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