Our IP services cover all the Arab countries from Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean to Oman on the Indian Ocean. Our firm strongly believes in the principle of specialization in a certain geographical area for obvious reasons.

Being a regional Arab firm, we specialize in serving our clients' IP needs in 17 Arab countries, two Palestinian jurisdictions in addition to the GCC Patent Office in Riyadh , KSA. We capitalize on our comparative advantages (i.e. full knowledge of the Arabic language, as well as our understanding of local cultures and business norms and habits).

If you have any inquiry on any intellectual property issue in these Arab countries, you can contact us on our email address(info@dhipp.com) to receive our prompt free-of-charge counseling. You can click on any of the Arab country shown on the map to become familiar with their filing requirements for trademarks, patents, industrial designs and copyrights. A suitable Power of Attorney form is also available for each Arab country as an attachment




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