Filing Trademark Application: 

  1. A Power of Attorney legalized up to the Consulate of Oman.

  2. The list of goods or services to be covered.

  3. Sixteen prints of the mark.

  4. A certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the Applicant Company or an Extract of its Entry in the Commercial Register or a good standing certificate.

  5. Certified copy of the Priority document, if any, must be submitted within three months.

Filing Patent Application:

  1. A Power of attorney form, legalized up to the Omani Consulate.

  2. Copy of priority document if priority is claimed, certified.

  3. Deed of assignment from the inventor(s), legalized up to the Omani Consulate.

  4. Abstract of the invention in English and Arabic.

  5. Technical specifications of the invention in English and Arabic.

  6. A certified Copy of certificate of incorporation or extract from the commercial register.

Items, 1, 2, 3, and 4 may be submitted within 90 days from filing date. Items 5 and 6 must be submitted at the time of filing.

Filing Design Application:

Since the design law in Oman has not been implemented yet, the method of protection is by publishing cautionary notices in Arabic and English in newspapers. There is no regulation as to when a cautionary notice should be republished. Publication is not as effective means as a registration and published notices are not filed with any official department.

  1. Particulars of the proprietor such as name, address, nationality, and nature of business.

  2. Title of the design and particulars of a corresponding foreign registration.

  3. Description of the design.

Filing Copyright Application:

  1. A power of attorney duly legalized up to the Omani Consulate.

  2. Three copies of the copyright work.

  3. A copy of the home registration certificate or any registration valid elsewhere.



  • May priority be claimed?
    - Yes.

  • Are there any goods or services for which the mark can not be registered?
    - No; 45 classes are implemented.

  • Can one application cover more than one class of goods/services?
    - No.






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